ARTDECO Eye Pencil Soft Liner Waterproof ARTDECO Eye Pencil Soft Liner Waterproof

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ARTDECO Eye Pencil Soft Liner Waterproof

The newly developed texture of the Soft Eye Liner is exceptionally long-lasting. After drying, the liner becomes smudge- and waterproof. The pleasantly soft and creamy texture provides a very easy and precise application. The liner can easily be blended out shortly after application and is characterized by its color brilliance and high opacity. Contains natural antioxidants and vitamin E. Fragrance-free.

Application :

Apply along the lashes from the inner corner of the eye to the outer one. Please close pencil carefully after use so that it stays supple and soft. For sharpening, we recommend the Sharpener Magic Liner. Tip: For a precise eye contour, don't apply Eye Liner in a single line, but feather it, stroke by stroke, from the inside to the outside