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HILAND BEAUTY Beauty’s story is one of passion, beauty, and business. Hiland Beauty has been established and developed and strengthened by Shaya Shamszadeh since 2001. The challenge of transforming the conventional closed retail environment into an open space customer friendly atmosphere lead us to develop a unique retail concept for the first time in Iran which has been acknowledged as one of the sectors innovative leaders. HILAND BEAUTY has been leading the Iranian beauty market since, setting new commercial trends by transforming consumer behavior and loyalty.

We at HILAND BEAUTY believe that ” Beauty is a perpetual journey ” and through this simple yet elegant philosophy, we have built a solid and sustainable business model by providing ever-increasing awareness of our Clients through our Points of Sales Associates, Customer club, Online presence, our Blog and Newsletters.

Through this simple convictions, we have been able to openly interact and shape an organization based on continues improvement and respect. Hiland Beauty Beauty wants to be the most trusted Iranian beauty boutique by consistently delivering excellence. We were, are and always will accomplish the aforementioned statement through innovative thinking and by mobilizing cross-sector, international perspectives, drawing on the immense talent and energy of our people to provide and promote continuous improvement.

Our activities are shaped by a unique institutional cognition founded on our own home-developed system, which asserts that our organization is accountable to all parts of society.

By implementing ‘Enterprise Resource Planning’ based on FOCUS ERP platform in 2011, Hiland Beauty has succeeded to streamline its workflow, from procurement to Customer purchase tracking. This platform has played a major role in allowing us to plan for our rapid concept development, Expansion and customer relations.

Since its inception in 2001, HILAND BEAUTY was built upon ISO Quality Management standards, all our workflow and procedures are documented and are part of our training courses for employees, moreover, we are working hard towards becoming a paperless corporation with goals set for March 2022.


ایزو 45001

We continuously measure the performance of both our retail and our corporate personnel. By providing annual targets and budgets, we can measure continues growth and maintain a solid control over our internal operations.

Hiland Beauty has always been investing in the training of its associates to empower them in their area of expertise. In September 2014, we organized our training department to reach new training standard in our industry. We are now providing in-depth training including but not limited to leadership and management, finance and accounting, human resource management, personal development, English language, sales and marketing, and customer service.

Through strategic investment, Hiland Beauty has become a knowledge-based retailer. By investing in Training and Technology as our core corporate competency and thus, today with the opportunities of expansion on the horizon, through this foresight we have managed to expand at sustainable rates in such a short span of time.