"The idea of the bottle Antonio Visconti has been inspired by the perfect shape of the lunar circle, and its growing phase From here, the concave profile of the bottle, that subsequently converges at the apex with a convex shape to form its cap. Intersections of crescent moon phases that are filled of light in a harmonious synthesis between the concave female and convex male.

To make even more detailed the bottle was used to a non-automated production system and high qualitative standards where every piece is rigorously controlled by human hand with the purpose to appraise the distribution of the glass, the presence of occlusions and the total transparency of it. Only the bottles that have overcome these quality standards pass to the following phase of grounding, using special diamond tipped tools, and hand finish polishing, to create a particular light refraction profiles of it making in this way every different bottle from the other, and for this unique.

The world of Maitre Parfumeur early last century, hermetic and mysterious, hovering secrets jealously guarded and strictly handed down from father in child.

Io I had the fortune and the privilege, to have in my maternal grandfather, Antonio Visconti, the master was able to initiate me into this world teaching me the secrets of mixing flowers, spices, woods and other odours materials.

Only so, he said, you get the alchemical transmutation of matter into Spirit odours, the only one capable of giving emotions. Thus were born in 2005 the top 15 fragrances Antonio Visconti, I revisited in modern key."

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