Perfume art. Not a scent for the masses.

Art. An intensely discussed term that is continually being interpreted and charged in new ways. But what stays the same is the fact that art tends to be for the elite rather than the crowd and is based on “ability“.

So is perfume art?

Yes. At least at Biehl. Parfumkunstwerke (i.e. perfume artworks) where you won’t find scents for the masses and so-called designer fragrances that are nothing more than a trend mass produced a million times over.

Biehl. Parfumkunstwerke considers itself to be an olfactory gallery. a free space for perfume artists who can present their extraordinary creations to an audience without having to take market research, marketing, and maximal margins into consideration. Quality and exclusiveness count and not just in regard to the ingredients used.

Above all, Biehl. Parfumkunstwerke aim to surprise and open up new possibilities of a very personal style for those who wear it.

In short, it is not a scent for the masses.

Thorsten Biehl.

Initiator and owner of Biehl. Parfumkunstwerke. Son of the renowned perfumer Henning Biehl.

For over 25 years, he has been developing fragrances for clients in north and South America, Europe, and Asia. The close relations with the best perfumers that have emerged from this throughout the world form the basis for the artistic potential of Biehl. Parfumkunstwerke.

This is where Thorsten Biehl implements his standards of quality, originality, and sensuality in the present moment – using the most creative minds of the trade and with an uncompromising approach, great enthusiasm, and the courage to be radical.

Perfume art. Nothing else.

No borrowed concepts of super-model dream worlds. No extravagant packaging frills. No try-hard bottle design. Instead we concentrate on what is essential – the perfume. This is the basic principle of Biehl. Parfumkunstwerke.

The fragrances are staged in a minimalist way with just a few skilful and unusual elements. This applies to both the purist, haptically appealing package design and the illuminated concrete display of the timeless bottle. Even the names of the individual works are not puffed up by a seemingly sensual play of words but simply bear the initials of their artist and a consecutive work number.

Like we said: perfume art. Nothing else.

Masters of olfaction.

Profession or vocation, art form or trade?

Fact is, perfumer is one of the rarest professions today and its protagonists are mostly unknown to the public. There might be less than a thousand people worldwide that went through years of training to work as perfumer and only a few tens that specialize on fine fragrance.

To showcase the personality of some of the world’s most successful and renowned perfumers, Thorsten Biehl has created his olfactory gallery Biehl. Parfumkunstwerke. With exclusive perfumes especially created for Biehl, he vividly explains the differences in character, working style and olfactory preference of their creators.

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