Pars Hayan research & development department develops & innovated sea plants cosmec products using the most advanced technology. Under the name Bio Marine , Bio Marine is the first teneraon of cosmecs marine product Bio marine has focused on provision of facial and body skin care services, and holds skin care training courses according to naonal and internaonal standards and preplanned schedules and sets stage for entrepreneurship and provides promising job opportunies for those interested in these services.

Since combinaon of Bio Marine treatments bring about beer results if used at home, Bio Marine products are manufactured and provide in two salon and home categories. salon and home categories.

Regular cleansing & exfoliaon is the best way to remove dead cells and increase acve ingredients to penetrate deeper into skin. This products is suitable for skin and introduced as first priority choice in your list of beauty care products. Grapefruit essence lacc acid 90% laminaria saccharin arnica & rosemary extract, cactus extract, aloe vera, salicylic acid, sage calendula and important ingredients of group.

Dry skin is one of the most common medical complaints. Keeping skin looking healthy and radiant, can be constant bale. A daily moisturizing roune is a vital part of the management of paents with dry skin condions Valuable ingredients have been used in aqua detox set of products such as hyaluronic acid, plankton extract carrageenan, urea, etc. which have not only an important role in moisturizing skin but also protect cell membrane like a protecve layer and prevent skin moisture loss.

Acne is the most widespread skin disease worldwide and results from different causes such as excessive sebum secreon, hormone changes, and using nonstandard skin care products. This set of products enjoy effecve ingredients such as burdock, essence of common sage, salicylic acid, bisabolol, and plankton which decrease sebum secreon on one side, and prevent skin dry and sensivity through increasing hydraon.

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