For 30 years now, Cosart stands for quality, service and customer-oriented conditions

Cosart has been part of the cosmetics industry for over 30 years. The products convince with great formulas and easy handling.

By manufacturing many products in-house, an excellent price-performance ratio is guaranteed. Cosart values the fact that the products are largely produced in Germany and that a consistently high quality standard is maintained.

On a flight, the mechanical engineer Peter Weckerle observed the woman sitting next to him as she slowly sharpened all of her wooden eyeliners one by one, he helped her with his Swiss Army knife and started wondering: surely there had to be a more practical solution than wooden pencils?

The engineer then invented the first retractable eyeliner. The pen can now be found on all cosmetics shelves, but nobody saw the potential in the product at the time. That is why Peter Weckerle quickly founded his own cosmetics brand „Cosart“ and, together with his wife Jutta Weckerle-Seeberger, sold the pens at cosmetics fairs.

Jutta Weckerle-Seeberger joined full-time a short time later and has been the CEO of Cosart for a long time now. With a competent team, she has led the family business into the 21st century and expanded the range of products to a complete offer of make-up and skin care.

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