Isabey Paris was created by Baron Henry James de Rothschild in 1924. The name “Isabey” was inspired by reputed miniaturist French painter, Jean-Baptiste Isabey.

The House of perfume soon acquired a worldwide reputation for the unique quality of its creations and the refinement of its luxurious presentations.

In April 1925, the jury of the Exposition of the Arts-Décoratives awarded the young company for “Le Collier d’Isabey” with a gold medal for its originality.

The magnificence of the bottles designed by artists such as Julien Viard or René Lallique and the jewel-like cases made these subtle fragrances a must.

Isabey proposed a legendary line of perfumes with poetic names, inciting to long journeys: « La Route d’Emeraude », « L’Ambre de Carthage », « Lys Noir », « Le Chypre Celtique », « Le Bleu de Chine ».

Due to the historical events, Isabey had to close its doors in 1941.

Since 1999, these mythical fragrances are reedited by Panouge while preserving their emblematic codes. Isabey Paris is available in the world’s most luxurious perfumeries.

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