THE SCENT IS A STORY, THE SCENT IS AN ART, THE SCENT IS KINETIC  KINETIC PERFUMES BARCELONA is a luxury, niche perfume brand created with an ambition to transfer inspirations, memories and emotions into scent that becomes a part of us every single day, the perfume we choose to wear. The concept was inspired by kinetics in its multidimensional sense. Kinetics is a dependent relation between motion and energy. Kinetics is everywhere, surrounds us and occurs in various forms and dimensions. The scent that we wear and the movement of its molecules around is a form of kinetic energy. Just like music, painting or sculptures, the scent is a kind of artistic energy born of feelings and memories of its creator. We design kinetic scents with an exceptional point of view on artistic perfumery. Each of our fragrances is a tribute to a different emotion that can become a precious moment to remember. We see the perfume creation as an important form of art with storytelling by scents. We believe that our unique and timeless products will be meaningful and  inspirational to each one  of  us

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