"In 1937, a family called Mont Francis Bonté lived in a region in the south of France, next to beautiful green meadows and blue beaches. The son of this family, Michel, caused a great revolution in the perfume industry years later. In addition to agriculture and gardening, Bonté had keen interest in extracting oil from the flowers and plants they cultivated in their lands. Michel was the only son of the family and, as his father's assistant and colleague, he had a certain curiosity about this profession. This same seductive sensation and inspiration for the smells of flowers and plants as well as the space of a house near the sea did not let him think of any other work. After the death of his father, he continued this profession as the only family work. He traveled to Paris in 1939. He bought a small workshop in which he began to produce many different species that he called La Bonté to revive the name and memory of his father. In the years that followed, thanks to his connections with the royal families, the dukes and the French duchesses, he was able to make a reputation as the best producer of perfume essences. However, following the launch of the war cry among the European countries, the circumstances caused all industries to be closed and / or destroyed at this stage; the society of La Bonté was no exception. But after a few decades it could come out like a phoenix." - a note from the brand.


La Bonte Paris is a new fragrance brand. Designer La Bonte Paris has 6 perfumes in our fragrance base all launched in 2017. La Bonte Paris fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Gerard Bertrand and Emilie Bouge.

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