La Prairie is a Swiss cosmetics company first associated with the famed Clinique La Prairie, which was founded in 1931. The Clinique was a pioneer in the treatment and revitalization of skin. The line of cosmetics and skin care products originally associated with the clinic were spun off in 1982, and have been part of the Beiersdorf family of companies since 1991.

La Prairie is best known for its anti-aging skin care regimes, but made its first forays into the fragrance world in the 1960s. Early fragrances include One Perfect Rose, first created in 1965 by Guy Robert, and later re-released as a limited edition in luxury packaging in 1990. The company's signature scent, La Praire, was launched in 1993. Some of the most popular fragrances in the line include Silver Rain in 2004, which was successful enough to merit a flanker, Silver Rain Shimmer Mist, in 2006. Midnight Rain was also launched in 2006.

La Prairie fragrances took a different turn in 2009 with the introduction of the Life Threads series. Silver, Gold and Platinum were introduced in 2009, with luxurious bottles decorated with fine filaments of the precious metals. This line of fine fragrances was continued in 2010 with the introduction of the next wave of Life Threads fragrances: Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald. The bottles of these fragrances were adorned with gemstones. Limited editions and gift sets of Life Threads fragrances were offered in 2011.

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