Mark Buxton is considered to be one of the most talented and prolific perfumers in the world. He is the nose behind commercial, designer and indie fragrances that are worn and admired by millions. He was the first commercial nose to create his own brand, without hype, without press and with humility. A perfumer of the “old school” (he is a fan of classic perfumes like Nahema, Eternity and Chanel No. 5), yet he is the nose behind many contemporary fragrances - Comme de Garcons and Le Labo. Mark Buxton is a self described “lover boy” who never heard of a blog until six months ago.

Prominent perfumer Mark Buxton is famous for his top-notch perfume compositions by the houses of: Givenchy, Paco Rabanne, Versace, Salvador Dali, Chopard, Cartier, Ferre, as well as for his long-term cooperation with niche house of Comme des Garcons. His motto is: ''Simplicity is the ultimate degree of luxury.''

Besides his author work in perfumery, Mark Buxton's interests intertwine by connecting exploration of top quality and beauty. English painting, antique and gastronomy certainly make a part of mosaic of personality and world view of the famous perfumer.

His personal collection was launched in 2008 by his partners, who used Mark's name for the line. Fragrances were housed in colorful bottles. This collection was discontinued. The name and rights were bought out by Mark Buxton in 2011, he decided to managed everything by himself. The packaging was changed. Two fragrances from the old collection have been included into the new one.

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