Panouge is a perfumery house founded by Maurice Moyse as “Parfums Lavarenne-Paris” in 1948, specializing in the development and trade of essential oils. During the first thirty years, the company created its fragrances, perfumes and colognes. In 1984, it changes its name to Panouge which stands for “Parfums Nouvelle Generation”, meaning “New Generation Perfumes”. Panouge asserts itself as a House of Perfume. It offers design-oriented lines such as Business Man, Unless, Eau d’Espace...

In 1995, Panouge took a different direction under the new management, specializing in conceptual and niche fragrances. The idea was that each line should have a story, a concept and an identity. Japanese designer Masaki Matsushima was the first designer who entrusted Panouge to develop his fragrances.

In 2002, Panouge acquired Isabey line and launched Gardénia as a limited edition. It was sold out in a record time and replaced by the actual Eau de Parfum line. In 2009, the launch of Bleu de Chine marked the intention to build up this prestigious line dating since 1924. Masakï-Paris conceptual brand was developed in this same period, inspired by Japanese minimalism and cutting-edge and French elegance and craft.

In 2009, Parisian jeweler Poiray and Panouge developed a limited edition of extract perfume with the idea of creating an olfactory jewels in mind. The portfolio is also joined by historical and celebrated brands such as Jacques Fath and Iris Gris.

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