Founded in Algiers around 1893, by a French doctor and chemist, the Cabanel company dedicates itself to creating essences for colognes, quintessences for “extraits de mouchoirs” and a number of prestigious Colognes such as Demoiselle de Paris, Frina, Yasmina, etc.

Growing success leads Cabanel to set up in Paris in 1908. The new head office opens in the Impasse du Cadran. Cabanel soon becomes the Duchess of Windsor’s favorite perfumer, appreciated by an exclusive clientele of private connoisseurs as well as pharmaceutical cooperatives and independent pharmacists.

Upon the founder’s death, his daughter chooses to follow in her father’s footsteps in the true craftman’s tradition of “Maître Parfumeur”.

In 2000, upon the death of the founder’s daughter, the company relies on a single client. Alcohol is no longer available in pharmacies. Selling essences for colognes has become very difficult. The premises are sold and the products kept in a warehouse.

To live up to the image of the Cabanel company created in 1893, Caroline Ilacqua (nee Moncouqut) goes back in the past, to the very origin of fine perfumes. Starting from 150 perfume formulas she inherited, she decides to develop a new concept.

The house of Teo Cabanel started its new life in March 2005. Caroline Ilacqua, a young and auspicious French woman, was born in Fonteinebleau in 1981, where there is now the head office of Teo Cabanel. At the age of 22 she took on the challenge of creating and managing Teo Cabanel.

Jean-François Latty is their in-house perfumer. He took his first steps in perfumery in 1965, and is deeply attached to the traditions of French perfumery and quality of natural ingredients.

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