ADOR Kashi Shiraz Scarf 110CM ADOR Kashi Shiraz Scarf 110CM

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ADOR Kashi Shiraz Scarf 110CM
  • Product Name: Kashi Shiraz (Shiraz Ceramics)
  • Product code: 941111004
  • Size: 110 in 110 cm
  • Color: turquoise, yellow, green, pink
  • Design Info: Design of this scarf is inspired by the very fine tiled in Nasir-al-Molk mosque in Shiraz, Iran within 1876-88 c. This masterpiece is one of the most valuable architectural ceramics that has been designed and implemented in Qajar era. The photograph of this artistic building has been used for designing this Scarf.
  • Textile info: Twill, hand rolled hems
  • Cleaning info: hand wash or dry cleaning, indirect iron with low heat, do not bleach