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ADOR Simorgh Scarf 90CM
  • Product name: SimorghScarf
  • Product code: 111195031012
  • Size: 90 in 90cm
  • Color: Blue,Cream, turquoise
  • Design Info:Design of this scarf is inspired by Miniature from a copy of Firdawsi’s Shahnama.“Isfandiyar’s Fifth Ordeal; He Must Slay the Simurgh
  • Iran, Tabriz; between 1520 and 1535. One of the most magnificent Persian manuscripts ever produced is undoubtedly the copy of the Book of Kings that was made for the Safavid shahs Ismail I and Tahmasp. It contained 258 paintings, and experts believe that they can identify the work of15 of the period’s best artists. The original scanned file of this masterpiece have been used for designing the product
  • Textile info:  synthetic twill silk, hand rolled hems
  • Cleaning info: hand wash or dry cleaning, indirect iron with low heat, do not wring