AMUTIYA Sclupting Contour Liquid Make-Up With Vitamin E AMUTIYA Sclupting Contour Liquid Make-Up With Vitamin E

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Amutiya skincare and cosmetics brand is deeply influenced by Iran’s ancient and historical endeavors to display beauty and perfection. Even the word Amutiya has its roots in ancient times, dating back to the era of the Achaemenid Empire in 550 BC when this word was commonly used for a nurse and a mistress at the same time. 

All efforts by the management, technical teams, customer support services, and all their subsidiaries at Amutiya are aimed at promoting this cosmetics brand both in terms of its appearance and quality. 

Amutiya Brand Known for Its Quality

Because of our production and sales policies, which look beyond the borders of Iran and seek to enter the most competitive markets in the world, we at Amutiya Company have set the bar high for the quality of our products. On this note, Amutiya is proud to announce that the quality of its skincare and beauty products is guaranteed by the many certificates it has received, after passing several cosmetic product testings. Here are some of these certificates:

  1. Ophthalmological Tested (ensures safety and quality of eye makeup products)
  2. Dermatological Tested  (ensures safety and quality of skincare products)

The competitive and evolving nature of the modern business makes it a must for any visionary company like Amutiya to be constantly focused on improving the quality of its products and at the same time, recognize the real needs of its customers by studying their feedbacks. Noting its significance, Amutiya’s Research and Development department (R&D) and our marketing units feel the heaviness of this responsibility. 

Amutiya’s cosmetic manufacturing facility is fully mechanized and it lives up to all the standards and guidelines outlined by the Health Department. Nevertheless, we have full awareness of our responsibilities for the society in which we grew, and in doing so, part of the company’s focus is to recruit the local workforce as a means to fight unemployment in our society. 

Modern and Perfect Appearance of Amutiya Products

The eye-catching and minimalist packaging designs, decorated with the elegant logo of Amutiya cosmetic company, along with some inclusive information about our technical, commercial, and cultural endeavors on our product boxes are all indications of our full attention to the essential branding strategies at this company. 

With the slogan of “Women of Worth”, Amutiya holds on a firm belief that all women deserve to awaken their innate beauty. We believe that Amutiya’s ultimate mission is not just to awaken this beauty, but also to nurse this God-given gift, as the name of this Company suggests.

The design of a logo is a telling sign of the nature and quality of any business brand. Ours is not different as the Amutiya logo consists of three as, each of which has an interesting story to tell. 

The first letter “A” signifies the natural and unique beauty of every woman; this God-given gift, which needs to be nursed by a product, which is of the finest quality like the AmutiyA. With the help of AmutiyA, we strive to ensure that this beauty reaches its peak and perfection, as the last letter A intends to signify. Eventually, the evolution and perfection of a woman’s beauty, as attested by the aesthetic eyes of the society, is what makes AmutiyA stand out from its rivals. In our view, the unique beauty of every woman, once coupled with the originality of their character, is the cornerstone to our social relations and of course to our identity. 

Our Principles of Production

We at Amutiya are committed to producing world-class beauty products while sticking firmly to our principles of preserving the environment, protecting the rights of animals, and abiding by the ethical norms of production in retrospect to our social responsibilities. 

A remarkable feature of our production lines is our extreme emphasis on all health standards and the rights of our consumers. To this end, our experts have designed a cylinder-shaped sign on all our products, indicating the permissible time for use after opening the seal. 

The use of environment-friendly production technologies at Amutiya has always been a core principle, which has decided our choosing of the raw materials that are decomposable and helped us receive a PAP sign, a testimony to our full compliance to our promise of preserving the environment. 

The rabbit-shaped sign on our products suggests that in all the production and testing processes, Amutiya has always been respectful of the rights of animals and therefore, not only it has refused to do animal testing, but also it has quit collaborations with any research or industrial entities that ignore the rights of animals.

Production Authenticity 

We are proud to have taken an effective step towards the domestic production policies of our country by producing Iranian quality products that comply with all international standards, claiming that our products can compete with any first-class European brand.