BENTLEY For Men Black Edition Edp 100ml M BENTLEY For Men Black Edition Edp 100ml M

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Brand: Bentley
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BENTLEY For Men Black Edition Edp 100ml M

For this Black Edition of the brand’s iconic For Men, the master perfumer Dorothée Piot plays on the striking contrast of luminous notes enhancing a sophisticated background of polished, dark woods.

In the opening, a radiant accord of powdery violet and tangy tangerine feels as fresh as a clean white shirt. Cool pink pepper and nutmeg add the silvery flash of a pair of sleek, brushed-steel cufflinks.

Brightened by a hint of jasmine – the gleam of a silk tie – the heart of the fragrance unfolds like a dark, subtly textured fabric of smooth patchouli and earthy papyrus.

Darker still, the drydown weaves cool incense, tobacco-scented Tonka bean and leather-tinged cedar wood Atlas on a base of musk and crisp, dry woods.

Like an impeccably cut Savile Row suit, For Men Black Edition reflects the absolute sophistication of a man who will accept nothing but the best.



The extraordinary design language of the British luxury saloon cars is echoed in the Bentley for Men and Bentley for Men Intense bottles: the lines and curves of a Bentley have been transposed into the rounded form of the flask. This makes the glass bottle particularly comfortable in the hand.

Designing an object for a strong brand such Bentley need a clear vision and a knowledge of the DNA to make it properly. But on top of this obvious statement what is most important is to bring something new to the brand itself. This is the purpose of the Bentley first fragrance line.

What is the most relevant side to be expressed when designing a perfume bottle for Bentley? My answer, very personal was : Lifestyle This bottle is a piece of british luxury lifestyle reflecting a very strong world: the Bentley one. Shape: fluid. Proportion: bold and balanced. Materials: glass metal. Touch: soft. Weight: serious.

All the components create a feeling on each part of the product inspired by what Bentley apply on cars. But here we don't see the car, we just feel the spirit of the brand, you feel the lines and you smell: a new emotional sense is now on board.

Thierry De Baschmakoff

Size 100ml
Perfume Type Eau De Parfume Eau De Parfume
Main Accord Warm Spicy, Woody
Country United Kingdom United Kingdom
Launched Year 2018
Season Fall
Day Time Usage Day and Night
Top Notes Pink Pepper,Tangerine,Violet, Nutmeg Pink Pepper Tangerine Violet Nutmeg
Middle note Papyrus,Jasmine, Patchouli Papyrus Jasmine Patchouli
Base Notes Musk,Incense,Oakmoss,Tonka Bean,Cedar, Woody Notes Musk Incense Oakmoss Tonka Bean Cedar Woody Notes