CARTIER Declaration D'Un Soir Edt 100ml M CARTIER Declaration D'Un Soir Edt 100ml M

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Brand: Cartier
CARTIER Declaration D'Un Soir Edt 100ml M

Cartier is revamping one of their best-selling fragrances in the entire portfolio, Déclaration, a masculine cologne by perfume Jean Claude Ellena, with a new flanker, out in the mainstream Cartier counters in October 2012.

Déclaration d'un Soir, a new fragrance for men, reprises the cold spices of the original, thanks to perfumer Mathilde Laurent's idea of not messing with something good but going for a much more subversive interpretation in men's fragrance. Essentially a huge rose with thorns, given the woody backdrop, it is boosted with cardamom and a very perceptible pepper spray top note to refresh and give piquancy. The woodiness comes from sandalwood.

A romantic and heady affair, in house Cartier perfume Mathilde Laurent revealed that she created it to "make the heart beat faster and to drive men to speak their minds."

The new bottle is identical to the classic Déclaration, with its watch wrist winder top, but with Déclaration d'un Soir written vertically under the name to denote the different take.

Products specifications
Size 100ml
Perfume Type Eau De Toilette "Eau De ToiletteEau De Toilette
Main Accord Fresh Spicy
Country France "FranceFrance
Season Spring, Fall
Day Time Usage Day and Night
Top Notes Cardamom, Caraway "CardamomCardamom "CarawayCaraway
Middle note Rose, Nutmeg "RoseRose "NutmegNutmeg
Base Notes Sandalwood "SandalwoodSandalwood
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