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OLFACTIVE STUDIO Still Life Edp 100ml W-M OLFACTIVE STUDIO Still Life Edp 100ml W-M

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OLFACTIVE STUDIO Still Life Edp 100ml W-M

Celine Verleure is the creator of a new niche perfumery line. As someone with extensive experience in the perfume industry, Celine first launched a blog about the fragrances that still hadn’t been made, looking for inspiration and ideas from her readers. The Olfactive Studio line was born that way. Olfactive Studio is a blend of modern art photography and the world of perfumes, since both these medias capture a moment and its atmosphere. It is “an encounter between contemporary artistic photography and perfumery; between the eye and the nose…It is at the crossroads of a photographic studio and a perfume design studio”.

The inspiration for the first three perfumes of the collection is topics of self-portrait, dark chamber and still life, transformed into fragrances Autoportrait, Chambre Noire and Still Life.


Celine Verleure first conceived the names of the perfumes, then gave freedom to three different photographers to showcase their interpretation of the same, and then these images served as inspirations for the perfumers who created the compositions.


Frederic Lebain 's photography lies behind the creation of Still LifeStill Life is a sparkling, energetic and joyful fragrance that celebrates life itself. This exotic cocktail is signed by the perfumer Dora Baghriche-Arnaud.

Top notes: yuzu, elemi and pepper (pink, black and Sichuan pepper). Heart, star anise and galbanum. Base: dark rum, cedar and ambrox.

Still Life was launched in 2011.

Size 100ml
Perfume Type Eau De Parfume Eau De Parfume
Main Accord Citrus
Country France France
Season Summer
Day Time Usage Day
Top Notes Yuzu,Pink Pepper, Elemi Yuzu Pink Pepper Elemi
Middle note Galbanum, Anise Galbanum Anise
Base Notes Cedar,Amber, Rum Cedar Amber Rum