ORLANE Absolute Skin Recovery Masque 75ml ORLANE Absolute Skin Recovery Masque 75ml

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Brand: Orlane
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ORLANE Absolute Skin Recovery Masque 75ml

Genuine instant cure for skin fatigue, for an immediate and visible“beauty pick-me-up”. TEXTURE: White, slightly pearlescent, emulsified gel. ACTIVE INGREDIENTS - ACTIONS: * Energesium ( Instant energizing action: the skin springs back to health. Time-release energizing action: skin visibly recovers and signs of fatigue are removed )* Gingko-biloba and * Ginseng ( Stimulates surface micro-circulation and brings renewed vitality by purifying and eliminating tiredness.* Plant tensors ( Strengthens and tightens theskin ).* Bio-Energic Anti-Aging complex ( Stimulates cell energy, regenerates, smoothes and firms, moisturizes ).

Certificated From Food and Drug Administration
Health Licence Number 8083363968452142
Skin Type All Skin Types
Country France France