ORLANE Absolute Skin Recovery Serum 30ml ORLANE Absolute Skin Recovery Serum 30ml

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ORLANE Absolute Skin Recovery Serum 30ml

The first high-power “energy generator”. Attacks the real causes of skin fatigue by recharging the cells with energy, day and night. TEXTURE: Very smooth-textured, opalescent gel. ACTIVE INGREDIENTS -  ACTIONS: * Energizing Complex ( Instantly boosts and increases energy levels.Releases energy through out the day. * Phytotherapeutic complex ( High-power biological purification action. Soothes and purifies the skin and eliminates toxins linked to skin fatigue. * Bio-Energic Anti-Aging complex ( Stimulates cell energy, regenerates, smoothes and firms,moisturizes. 

Certificated From Food and Drug Administration
Health Licence Number 1157367279593538
Skin Type All Skin Types
Country France France