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SUAVIPIEL Active Senses Soft Peeling Sponge SUAVIPIEL Active Senses Soft Peeling Sponge

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Brand: Suavipiel
SUAVIPIEL Active Senses Soft Peeling Sponge

SUAVIPIEL Active Senses Soft Peeling Sponge.

product introduction:
One of the tools that every person needs for bathing is a towel. One of the quality products in this field is Suavi Peel Exfoliating Mesh Sheet.
The Leif Suavi Peel is the size of an adult's hand and fits perfectly in the hand with the band on its head.
With some body soap and shampoo, it is easy to lather and you can exfoliate your whole body.
This lace leaf is suitable for exfoliation and peeling and removes dead skin cells.
By removing the dead layer of the skin, it makes the skin bright and transparent.
Or, the exfoliating leaf of Suavi Peel is exfoliating, but its net material is very soft, which is suitable for use on the face as well as the body.
It gives you a good feeling while massaging your skin and makes bathing more enjoyable.
It is suitable for all skin types and has no restrictions for any skin type.
This exfoliating fibrous fiber prevents wrinkles and premature aging of the skin and regenerates the skin.
This product is completely hypoallergenic and prevents itching or burning of the skin.
It revitalizes the skin and helps to keep the skin fresh and youthful.
It is very suitable for daily use.

Perfect size for hand,
creating a lot of foam,
skin lightener
does not scratch the skin,
removes dead cells,
It is very soft and delicate.
skin rejuvenation
Help cleanse the skin.
Hypoallergenic and allergic,
Suitable for adults.

How to use:
First, put some body soap or shampoo on it to lather.
Then use the resulting foam to clean your whole body.
If you use it for your face, it is better to use a special soap for your skin.

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