TMOV Flower Fusion Edp 100ml W TMOV Flower Fusion Edp 100ml W

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TMOV Flower Fusion Edp 100ml W

Traveling often leads to the unknown. Immersed in such an adventure, however, it is also easy to fall in love. Her wavy hair framed her face with a rare and sophisticated sensuality. Her perfume was a refined mélange, a rich floral bouquet. Flower Fusionmakes you unforgettable: the Damascus rose and the violet of Provence carry within them the mysterious scents of aquatic rose and jasmine. It is a rare and luxurious gem expressing pure femininity.

Flower Fusion by The Merchant of Venice is a Floral fragrance for women. Flower Fusion was launched in 2013. The fragrance features damask rose, jasmine, freesia, bourbon vanilla and violet leaf.

Size 100ml
Perfume Type Eau De Parfume Eau De Parfume
Main Accord Floral
Country Italy Italy
Launched Year 2013
Season Spring
Day Time Usage Night
Top Notes Damask Rose, Jasmine Damask Rose Jasmine
Middle note Violet Violet
Base Notes Freesia, Violet Leaf Freesia Violet Leaf