The Merchant of Venice Ottoman Amber Edp 100ml M The Merchant of Venice Ottoman Amber Edp 100ml M

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Brand: TMOV
1,750,000 تومان
%5 تخفیف
Price : 1,662,500 تومان
Size 100ml
Perfume Type Eau De Parfume Eau De Parfume
Main Accord Balsamic
Country Italy Italy
Launched Year 2015
Season Winter
Day Time Usage Night
Top Notes Bergamot,Geranium, Plum Bergamot Geranium Plum
Middle note Sandalwood, Patchouli Sandalwood Patchouli
Base Notes Agarwood -Oud,Vanilla, Labdanum Agarwood -Oud Vanilla Labdanum
The Merchant of Venice Ottoman Amber Edp 100ml M

This majestic and audacious composition opens with the citrus notes of bergamot, which are then sweetened by floral touches of geranium and plum. The original color of the sandalwood ingredient is suggestively mirrored in the brown tones throughout the pattern on the glass bottle. Masterly merged with patchouli, the same ingredient gives pride and intensity to the fragrance. The passionate combination of vanilla with labdanum reveals the richness of Ottoman Amber, a noble fragrance that takes its inspiration from a far-away and dream-like world.

Ottoman Amber by The Merchant of Venice is a Oriental Woody fragrance for men. This is a new fragrance. Ottoman Amber was launched in 2015. Top notes are bergamot, geranium and plum; middle notes are sandalwood and patchouli; base notes are agarwood (oud), vanilla, labdanum and myrrh.