XERJOFF 1861 ZEFIRO Edp 100ml W-M XERJOFF 1861 ZEFIRO Edp 100ml W-M

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Brand: Xerjoff
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XERJOFF 1861 ZEFIRO Edp 100ml W-M

At perfume exhibition in Milan - Esxence 2015, Xerjoff presented for the first time his collection of three perfumes dedicated to 150th anniversary of unification of Italy and is inspired by wealth, beauty and heritage that this country possesses. The collection of XJ 1861 encompasses three fragrances XJ 1861 Renaissance, XJ 1861 Zefiro and XJ 1861 Naxos each of which provides a part of beautiful Italy: Renaissance celebrates this period in Italy, Naxos Sicily, while Zefiro celebrates eternal Rome!

XJ 1861 Zefiro "Zefiro pays homage to Rome and its baroque alchemy, distilled in a strong and mysterious perfume thanks to its suggestive and elusive formula, akin to the rare magic of an esoteric potion. Zefiro propagates from arcane circles distilling a mystical essence capable to join heaven and earth." – signed by Xerjoff. The composition incorporates notes of resins with a hint of sweet and thick honey, balanced amber and spices added as strength of the formula. Bergamot, artemisia, mosto and elemi open the composition, followed by fine spices of cinnamon and cardamom sprinkled on iris petals. The base highlights incense surrounded by amber, precious woody notes and sweet, thick honey.

The nose behind this fragrance is Mathieu Nardin.

Size 100ml
Perfume Type Eau De Parfume Eau De Parfume
Main Accord Warm Spicy,Balsamic, Aromatic
Country Italy Italy
Launched Year 2015
Season Winter, Fall
Day Time Usage Day and Night
Top Notes Elemi,Beverage,Artemisia, Bergamot Elemi Beverage Artemisia Bergamot
Middle note Cardamom,Cinnamon,Carnation, Iris Cardamom Cinnamon Carnation Iris
Base Notes Incense,Woodsy Notes,Honey, Amber Incense Woodsy Notes Honey Amber