GLYNT Shadows Nuance 0.3 MIX 100ml GLYNT Shadows Nuance 0.3 MIX 100ml

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GLYNT is a range of hair products available exclusively from salons. Over 15.000 top stylists across the world work with GLYNT products in their salons and sell them to clients for home use. GLYNT hair products are made by Hans Conzen Kosmetik GmbH. When the company was founded over 50 years ago, it initially produced specialties for the care and maintenance of a healthy scalp. Over time, a complete range of premium hair products developed in the form of GLYNT.



If you want to care for hair and look after it, you have to understand what it needs. Hans Conzen Kosmetik GmbH has been using its knowledge for over 30 years to develop the GLYNT premium hair cosmetics brand.

GLYNT formulas have evolved out of Swiss research and development. The range was developed in collaboration with hairstylists for hairstylists. That’s why GLYNT hair products are so innovative. If they meet the high demands of leading hairstylists, then they will also meet with approval from demanding salon clients.



GLYNT is a brand that is only supplied to hairdressing salons. After all, nobody is more expert in providing hair care advice than a hairdresser. GLYNT hair cosmetics are not distributed through wholesalers or retail-only outlets, so we can guarantee that GLYNT is sold only in premium hair salons. This has always been the case and will continue to be so in the future.


The good feeling that comes with using a product is demonstrably increased by the type of scent that accompanies it, because pleasing scents make you happy. That’s why we put particular emphasis on the choice of perfumes used in GLYNT products. The GLYNT formulas appeal not just thanks to their performance but also due to their exquisite scent compositions. These are developed in Grasse, located in the south of France, which is known for being the center of natural aromatic essences. All GLYNT scents are particularly harmonious, lightly concentrated and well tolerated.


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