DELILAH Eyeshadow Compact Colour Intense DELILAH Eyeshadow Compact Colour Intense

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DELILAH Eyeshadow Compact Colour Intense

Product Description

Colour Intense eyeshadow comes in 2 finishes, matte and shimmer.

The shimmer combines the smoothness and softness of a cream with the convenience of a powder. The result is brilliant colour that blends effortlessly over the eye.

The matt finishes have an ultra fine texture with a deep, intense colour release for a blendable, buildable results.

Colour Intense blends easily for a professional looking result that really lasts.

Paraben Free. Dermatologically tested.

For a simple defined eye, select two shades, a medium and a dark shade. Use the delilah Eyeshadow brush to apply the medium colour to the eye lid from the lash line to the socket line, carefully blend and soften with the brush. Now use the delilah Eye Definer brush to apply a little of the darker colour along the lash line and a little into the socket. To finish, blend again using the delilah Eyeshadow brush.




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