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BIGEN Mens Hair Colour BIGEN Mens Hair Colour

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Brand: Bigen
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BIGEN Mens Hair Colour

Easy & Speedy Application
Just brush in with Applicator Comb tailored for men’s hair – covering grey perfectly in 5 minutes. With non-drip & hair-friendly cream, easier to apply hair, even sideburn and waving hair.

Natural & Healthy Looking
Unique formula with conditioning agents (Olive oil, Glycine and Pullulan) gives natural shade, luster and moisture to every single hair, in deeply penetrating into it. Natural and healthy result lasts longer.

Practical & Economical Use
You can use only the necessary amount of cream to cover partially grey hair or short hair. Keep the remainder for future application.

No unpleasant smell will bother you during the application.



Squeeze out the same amount of cream from both tubes on the Applicator Comb. [1:1]
Apply cream to dry hair starting from the greyest part. Comb through to ensure even distribution.
Wait for 5 minutes.
Rinse hair thoroughly with water, then shampoo well.





HOYU is the manufacturer of Japan's best hair colouring products. With the highest market share in the hair colouring market in Japan. For well over a century HOYU has been producing and selling reliable and high quality hair colouring products in more than 70 countries.


HOYU specializes in Dark/Black Hair and has collected an enormous amount of data over years in Japan and other parts of Asia. With years of research and making use of rich collection of data, Bigen™ creates the "Perfect" and Easy-to-use Hair colourant. You shall not only enjoy new exciting hair colours but also have fun in discovering creative ways to apply them! Bigen™ makes you look and feel beautiful!


These two goals of Bigen™ are achieved owing to the advance technological development of Bigen™ General Research Institute (G.R.I.), uncompromising production systems and substantial monitor testing.



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