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MASTERPIECE Ziggurat Edp 90ml W MASTERPIECE Ziggurat Edp 90ml W

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MASTERPIECE Ziggurat Edp 90ml W

Eau de Parfum for women Zigurat Masterpiece perfume is from the Iranian brand Masterpiece, which was introduced to the perfume market in 2021. The name of this feminine perfume is derived from a kind of historical religious monument. A fragrance full of the spirit of femininity that adventurously embraces an ancient civilization. A reckless scent enhanced by inspiring pride. An original combination of woody notes with a fresh and floral touch.
Iran has an ancient history and civilization and is one of the oldest civilizations on earth, where many religious buildings can be seen, including places of worship, most of which are built using a special style of architecture. Has been. The Choghaznabil Ziggurat is a shrine built for the gods by the Elamite king Ontash Napirisha in Susa in 1250 BC, but was left unfinished due to the king's death. This pyramidal temple is designed as a staircase, and it seems that the special architectural style of this shrine indicates that the stairs can be closer to the gods and the sky.
Ziggurat in Elamite language means mountain and peak or high place and is a metaphor of a place of worship. Choghaznabil is also a local word meaning inverted basket or basket-like basket. It should be mentioned that the ancient name of this building is known to archaeologists as "Duravantash", which means the peak of Ontash; Of course, in some cuneiform texts, this city is also called "El Ontash", which means the city of Ontash. Ziggurat Eau de Parfum is a perfume from MasterPace that is suitable for women.
Odor family: flower, shaper
Top notes: Mirabel plum
Middle notes: freesia flower
Base notes: oakmoss (a kind of rock flower)

Size 90ml
Perfume Type Eau De Parfume Eau De Parfume
Main Accord Floral
Country Iran Iran
Launched Year 2021
Season All Seasons
Day Time Usage Day and Night
Top Notes Mirabelle Mirabelle
Middle note Freesia Freesia
Base Notes Oakmoss Oakmoss