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BIELENDA Neuro Collagen Moisturising Anti Wrinkle Cream BIELENDA Neuro Collagen Moisturising Anti Wrinkle Cream

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Brand: Bielenda
BIELENDA Neuro Collagen Moisturising Anti Wrinkle Cream

کرم روز و شب نوروکلاژن بی لندا، مرطوب کننده قوی پوست بوده و چین و چروک صورت و دور چشم را پر می کند. این محصول باعث لیفتینگ پوست می شود. اگر توجه کرده باشید وقتی سن خانم ها بالا می رود خاصیت ارتجاعی پوست کم می شود و پوست استحکامش را از دست می دهد، این محصول خاصیت ارتجاعی پوست را بر می گرداند و به آن قوام و استحکام می دهد. این کرم حاوی لیپوزوم Q10 است که این ماده باعث محافظت از پوست در برابر رادیکال های آزاد می شود و به اکسیژن رسانی و بازسازی سلول های پوستی کمک می کند. 

 این محصول برای خانم های بالای 40 سالی که پوست مختلط دارند مناسب است.

BIELENDA Kosmetyki Naturalne [Natural Cosmetics] was estabilished in 1990. Company produces  best-quality natural body and face cosmetics for the past 25 years. Being a modern company, Bielenda believes that the most allencompassing, yet the safest and skin-friendly beauty care can be only delivered by cosmetics containing the best quality active ingredients. Bielenda portfolio now includes over 400 top-notch products for individual clients and professionals – beauty salons, Wellness & SPA centres, and beauty schools, who can choose from an extensive family of professional cosmetics. Due to goal-focused improvement and skilful anticipation of the market needs, Bielenda enjoys continuous development and has won a continually growing number of highly satisfied clients. We are proud to stay one step ahead of the domestic cosmetics market and to offer products which are highly appreciated by both, regular clients and cosmetics experts. BIELENDA Professional Beauty Care Institutes are the new hallmark of our business, and the company now works to establish a network of top-class cosmetic and aesthetic centres under the BIELENDA brand. Two existing BIELENDA Professional Beauty Care Institutes established in Kraków and Gdynia offer the best beauty treatments combining innovative technologies and unique cosmetic therapies. Medical professionals and cosmetologists help effectively rejuvenate and firm the skin, eliminate cellulite and slim the body, regenerate and relax. The beauty care options are all proprietary rituals and procedures developed by BIELENDA, exclusively based on BIELENDA cosmetics.

All BIELENDA cosmetics, starting from the essential concept to the finished product, are made in Kraków, Poland. The team of creative experts in technology and cosmetics of the BIELENDA Research Centre work to continually improve product formulas based on the current worldwide trends. We make all efforts so that BIELENDA products excel in quality and are perfectly effective, efficient and safe. To be able to accomplish this goal, we use strict laboratory testing procedures. BIELENDA’a QC Department provides for detailed production quality analysis and control, and the Microbiology Department supervises microbiological purity of each product batch. Its unique approach to beauty care has contributed to the company’s solid market position in Poland. BIELENDA is also firmly determined to mark its presence on the international markets.

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