CAPRICE Vital Advance Eye Cream 15ml CAPRICE Vital Advance Eye Cream 15ml

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CAPRICE Vital Advance Eye Cream 15ml

Caprice Advanced eye cream is a light and pleasant texture able to assure 4 actions at the same time: it eliminates remarkably dark circles, reduces visibly bags under the eyes, erases noticeably wrinkles, and protects efficiently your eyes contour skin. This eye cream is a fantastic anti-aging and anti-fatigue potion that uses the active properties of Oxide Reductase, a strong anti-radical enzyme. Its pleasant texture is rich with natural ingredients: rise and soya proteins for their stretching action, jojoba oil with moisturizing and restoring properties, sweet almond oil with elasticizing action, Shea butter and Carnauba oil guarantee further more decongestion of your eye contour skin and great nourishment. With Caprice Advanced eye cream, your look is young, fresh and luminous.

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