DAVID YURMAN Prive Limited Edition Ext 75ml M DAVID YURMAN Prive Limited Edition Ext 75ml M

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Brand: David Yurman
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DAVID YURMAN Prive Limited Edition Ext 75ml M

In 2018 the jeweler's house of David Yurman in the course of evolution  in niche perfumery created a phenomenon in fragrance word wich is called "prive  "   .

Artistic fragrance that shows the art of composition; shows the material's quality from the first sniff.

The fragrance will be available as Extrait de Parfum in 75ml ( 2.6 fl.oz.) size.

The bottle for this fragrant jewel was designed by David Lipman, creative director of Yurman's house. The idea was to capture the fragrant liquid into a gemstone shaped bottle. The bottle consists of plastic-lined inner piece enclosed in Italian crystal shell, with sculpted red cap reminiscent of Yurman Cable Collection of jewelry distinguished by a golden plaque.

. The bottle neck is created in a form of Yurman's wedding band.








The DAVID YURMAN 2019 collection is a new line introduced in Februery 2019 , David yurman's love of precious artisanal fragrance " PRIVE " wafts like a breeze through the dunes of a desert.

Classic. Modern. Elegant. s inspired by use of the scent of pure Oud and amber, a rare and valuable extracts believed to hold mystical powers. The scent's fascinating, mysterious allure is amplified with a hypnotizing refrain of African incense, musk, rich woods, and a touch of leather.

The David Yurman new Collection flacons repeat the same form and red color, but they differ by featuring a golden metal plaque with the names.

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Size 75ml
Perfume Type Eau De Parfume Eau De Parfume
Main Accord Oud,Amber,Leather,Woody, Musky
Country United States of America United States of America
Season Fall, Winter
Day Time Usage Night