TOUS Floral Touch So Fresh Edt 100ml for Women TOUS Floral Touch So Fresh Edt 100ml for Women

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Brand: Tous
TOUS Floral Touch So Fresh Edt 100ml for Women

"The “Tous Touch” fragrance collection brings to us something new that is light and fresh: Tous Floral Touch So Fresh, flowers’ capricious freshness. The freshest version of the sophisticated Tous fragrances. Tous Floral Touch So Fresh keeps the smooth and organic shape of the original TOUS Touch, the fragrances that got their design from the Tous jewelry “Duna” Collection. In this version, the delicate gold sheet of flowers embraces
the bottle. A lovely bouquet of “Duna” flowers show the outline of the Tous bear.
The bottle’s glass has a smooth rink hue.

The same floral motif is used on the fragrance’s box in relief and in bright golden hues. The colors of Tous Floral Touch So Fresh, on both the bottle and the box are a smooth fresh pink, happy, joyful and at the same time delicate.

The perfumer Elise Benat composed the olfactory caprice of the fragrance by harmonizing Flowers and Fruits majestically surrounded by fresh Woods, Cedar and Musk." - a note from the brand.

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Size 100ml
Perfume Type Eau De Toilette Eau De Toilette
Main Accord Fruity,Woody, Sweet
Country Spain Spain
Launched Year 2017
Season Winter, Fall
Day Time Usage Day and Night
Top Notes Red Apple,Pear, Lemon Red Apple Pear Lemon
Middle note Jasmine,Raspberry,Lily-Of-the-Valley, Violet Jasmine Raspberry Lily-Of-the-Valley Violet
Base Notes Woodsy Notes,Musk, Cedar Woodsy Notes Musk Cedar